Spying On Your Paid Search Competitors

Older article, still meaningful, that highlights the contribution and value of Amazon’s Alexa search platform.

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Manga, Prediction and Neuropersona

Manga is very, very popular and illustrates the value of stories and masks brilliantly.

Consider the common facial expressions and what they convey relative to a product or service.


Consider how the common Manga images convey change in emotion or perspective, almost the same way as a person removing one Neuropersona mask and replacing it with another. 


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P2 Go or No?

I just saw the promotion for the new WordPress Theme P2 and it got me thinking about innovation.

The keyboard controls are just about right, but not quite, almost like comparing a Blackberry to a Motorola, Nokia, Sony or any Microsoft based device.

How is this story connected to NUMBERS which are the raw material of choice for the NUMERATI?  Innovation is mostly painfully slow if you are a manufacturer.  Very few, like RIM the Blackberry maker, get it right and so the numbers cut, chopped and sliced in a anemic attempt to convince customers there is market traction are just not available to the marketing blowhards.  Or the NUMERATI.

Marketers, accountants and the NUMERATI would be better served to understand the stories behind the success of RIM and other very rare companies who get it right.  Check out how winners observe and serve Peronae.

P2, heck NO!


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