Follow the Money

FOLLOW THE MONEY, not the numbers may confuse some folks but there is a huge difference.

Numbers simply represent what happened, a story or event an intersection of many stories.  Money, which represents value only when it exchanged, is only exchanged after something happens or the story unfolds.

While we generally think that stories travel quickly you should consider that money money travels faster still.  This simple observation is evident as when you watch an exchange of value for money there are many versions of what happened.  News stations report different versions, the Point of Sale systems and marketing systems of the buyers and sellers each report slightly different versions of the story, but the money has changed hands quickly and simply.

How does ‘Follow the Money’ help us succeed?

Consider that the story ‘closest’ to the money as it changes hands is the most accurate representation of what happened and why.  As we get further away we know less.  Typically by the time accountants and marketers get to analyzing the transaction it is a quarter or two later and we have to reconciled three or more versions of what might have happened depending on the perspective of the story we examine.

What can we do to Follow the Money?

Focus on the people and processes connected to the exchange of Money by understanding Persona Behaviour.




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