How to Survive Wildly Successful Social Media Campaigns

OK, your Social Media marketing campaign is wildly successful but thousands or even hundreds of new followers create significant stress.

  • Everybody has different needs
  • One same product fits nobody well–just like the suits at Harry Rosen.

So how do we survive a wildly successful Social Media campaign?

Are more followers better?  Only when you can help them.



Creating a VBA-free Excel dashboard

This post discusses the use of VBA in Excel dashboards and links to a VBA-free Excel dashboard

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Are Excel Charts Hurting Your Business? 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid.

To squeeze some competitive advantage of using Excel in your business, you must avoid several basic mistakes everyone makes. This is a short list of 10 of them.

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How To: Excel at Excel for SEM Applications, Part 1

Simple and practical way to use Excel to measure your effectiveness and provide guidance for your Search and Media focus and spend.

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Spying On Your Paid Search Competitors

Older article, still meaningful, that highlights the contribution and value of Amazon’s Alexa search platform.

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Trapeze Trapeze – Web Marketing | Trapeze DAOR for Canadian Tire | Toronto & New York

Trapeze Trapeze – Web Marketing | Trapeze DAOR for Canadian Tire | Toronto & New York

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Manga, Prediction and Neuropersona

Manga is very, very popular and illustrates the value of stories and masks brilliantly.

Consider the common facial expressions and what they convey relative to a product or service.


Consider how the common Manga images convey change in emotion or perspective, almost the same way as a person removing one Neuropersona mask and replacing it with another. 



P2 Go or No?

I just saw the promotion for the new WordPress Theme P2 and it got me thinking about innovation.

The keyboard controls are just about right, but not quite, almost like comparing a Blackberry to a Motorola, Nokia, Sony or any Microsoft based device.

How is this story connected to NUMBERS which are the raw material of choice for the NUMERATI?  Innovation is mostly painfully slow if you are a manufacturer.  Very few, like RIM the Blackberry maker, get it right and so the numbers cut, chopped and sliced in a anemic attempt to convince customers there is market traction are just not available to the marketing blowhards.  Or the NUMERATI.

Marketers, accountants and the NUMERATI would be better served to understand the stories behind the success of RIM and other very rare companies who get it right.  Check out how winners observe and serve Peronae.

P2, heck NO!



Follow the Money

FOLLOW THE MONEY, not the numbers may confuse some folks but there is a huge difference.

Numbers simply represent what happened, a story or event an intersection of many stories.  Money, which represents value only when it exchanged, is only exchanged after something happens or the story unfolds.

While we generally think that stories travel quickly you should consider that money money travels faster still.  This simple observation is evident as when you watch an exchange of value for money there are many versions of what happened.  News stations report different versions, the Point of Sale systems and marketing systems of the buyers and sellers each report slightly different versions of the story, but the money has changed hands quickly and simply.

How does ‘Follow the Money’ help us succeed?

Consider that the story ‘closest’ to the money as it changes hands is the most accurate representation of what happened and why.  As we get further away we know less.  Typically by the time accountants and marketers get to analyzing the transaction it is a quarter or two later and we have to reconciled three or more versions of what might have happened depending on the perspective of the story we examine.

What can we do to Follow the Money?

Focus on the people and processes connected to the exchange of Money by understanding Persona Behaviour.



Microsoft Anhialates adCenter Analytics

Microsoft anhialtes adCenter analytics or as posted here Microsoft Kills AdCenter Analytics

This is HUGE as analytics acts as an on-ramp to adCenter–see the Story Lens where we make the connection between Story, Process, Software, Brand and Metrics/Analytics.  Unless customers understand which words impact the Story to Analytics continuum they don’t know the most effective way to spend their money or event focus their attention.

MISSING LINK  –> Search words uses change at a rate of 30% daily

WHAT NOW? –>  Understand the Persona Behaviours and you will succeed by being in their ‘word proxity’

Word proximity means that they will understand that the search word combinations that you selected COMBINED with the story you have linked to the words will serve their needs BETTER than their other options.

PREDICTION –>  Microsoft will buy another analytics provider, soon, whether it is Yahoo, Omniture or other…IMHO